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Terms & Conditions


1. Terms

The “lessor” leases to the “lessee” the privately owned vehicle with registration no. ................., make .......... (“Vehicle”), in accordance with the following terms and conditions herein, as well as those mentioned on the front page hereof, which the “lessee” fully accepts.


The lessee states that he/she is over 25 years of age.


The “lessor” states that he/she holds a lawful driving license, which is valid in Greece and has been issued at least 36 months prior to the signing of the present agreement. In the event of a holder of an International Driving License, it is compulsory that the license is accompanied by a driving license issued by the driver’s country.


For all vehicle categories, the “lessee” must be a holder of a valid credit card. For the valid execution of the present agreement, the “lessor” will request authorization from the “lessee’s” card issuer, to place an up to Euros 3,000 hold on the card. The precise amount for which the “lessor” requests authorization is stated on the front page hereof, while it is also the “liability”-guarantee amount in case of theft of vehicle or damages, (see terms 10 b, c). This amount will be returned to the lessee after the end of the lease, after it is established that the reason it was given does not exist. The “lessor” is not liable for any bank commissions, expenses and any kind of costs incurred by the “lessee” in connection with the above procedure.


The minimum term of the lease is one day (24 hours). In the event that there is more than one hour delay than the agreed, in returning the Vehicle, the “lessor” charges an additional whole day. In the event of termination of the lease prior to the agreed term e.g. early termination by the “lessee”, the “lessee” will be charged with 100% lease charges for the remaining term thereof.


The daily lease charge is agreed to be the amount mentioned on the front page hereof and it will be paid in advance with the signing of the present.


The “lessor” accepted the delivery of the Vehicle with all its equipment fully functioning, which he/she examined and found it to be to his/her liking, in perfect condition, appropriate for the use and purpose for which he/she leased it, having signed the respective damages form, he/she is obligated to return the Vehicle in the condition he/she received it and at the place and time defined herein. In the event that the Vehicle is delivered by the “lessee” at a different place to the agreed one or after the agreed time, the “lessee” is obligated to pay to the lessor the regular charges as compensation for use and additional compensation for any incidental or consequential damages suffered by the lessor..


The “lessor” has the right to recover the possession and use of the Vehicle at any time, without any notice and without the consent of the “lessee”, but on its own expense, from anywhere and with any means, in the event that at its discretion there is risk of damage or loss of Vehicle, risk of not receiving compensation for use and any other compensation and in the event that it was used or is being used in breach of the terms herein or the agreed term of the lease.


The lease charges include the following insurance coverage: a. for death or bodily harm to third parties, not including the driver of the vehicle, b. for material damages to third parties, not including the leased vehicle, limited up to the amount stated in the insurance policy, on the condition that no term herein has been breached. The insurance coverage against third parties is provided only to those persons who have permission to use the Vehicle, with an insurance policy, the terms of which the “lessee”, as well as any other additional drivers of the vehicle declare with the signing of the present that they are aware of. The luggage and any other items owned by the “lessee”, the authorized driver, as well as any passengers of the leased vehicle are not covered by the insurance policy and the “lessor” has no liability whatsoever for any loss, wear, theft of same during the term of the lease or after the return of the vehicle to the “lessor”. The “lessee” is exclusively liable for any damages which are not covered by the insurance policy of the vehicle.


The “lessee” is obligated to compensate the “lessor”, as well as any third party in the event of theft, loss or damage of the Vehicle or third parties (including the passengers) and pay any incidental or consequential damages suffered by the “lessor”. More specifically, the “lessee” is liable: a) for damages that he/she has caused to the vehicle or to third parties, if he/she has breached the terms of use of the vehicle or has driven it in a way which is illegal or contrary to the provisions of the Road Traffic Code, b) for total theft or loss of the Vehicle up to the liability-guarantee amount stated on the front page hereof. It is explicitly agreed that theft or loss of auto parts or/and equipment (partial theft) of the Vehicle is not covered, c) for any damages to the Vehicle as a result of collision or fire, irrespective of liability, up to the liability-guarantee amount. The following damages are not covered which are caused: 1. to the bottom part of the Vehicle, 2. to the tires and wheels of the Vehicle, 3. to all the glass parts, 4. to the interior of the Vehicle, 5. during the loading, unloading or transit of the vehicle in ships or trains or other transportation means without the prior written consent of the Lessor.


The “lessee” is obligated to pay in addition to the agreed lease charges, the following amounts: a) the daily fixed compensation of use for all the term of the lease of the Vehicle, b) the “Re-fueling Charges”, if at the end of the lease he/she does not deliver the Vehicle to the “lessor” with the same quantity of fuel it had upon its delivery to the “lessee”, c) taxes, dues and other expenses in connection with the lease of the Vehicle, d) expenses of the “lessor” including legal fees and interest for late payment of any amounts of this lease or for recovering the possession and use of the Vehicle from the “lessee”, e) monetary fines, penalties, court and other expenses which were imposed or will be imposed on the “lessor” due to offences committed during the use of the vehicle by the “lessee”. In the event of the latter, the “lessee” or the additional driver mentioned on the front hereof will continue to be liable for any illegal acts, f) the additional charge for the delivery or acceptance of the vehicle, as well as its return at a different location to that defined on the front hereof without the written consent of the “lessor”, g) appropriate VAT and municipal taxes upon the signing of the present. The “lessee” agrees and accepts that: 1. Discounts that may be offered are not valid if the issued receipt is not paid in time, 2) all charges are subject to a final audit.


The “lessee” is obligated to use the vehicle with diligence, maintain it in a good condition, check the condition of its engine, its oil and water levels, its tires, etc.. Any repair to the vehicle by the “lessee” or a third party is forbidden without the prior approval of the “lessor”. The vehicle is not permitted to go outside of Greece or to be loaded on a train or ship or other transportation means without the prior written consent of the “lessor”. The vehicle is not permitted to be used: a) for the transportation of persons or things in return for payment, b) to tow or drag vehicles or other items, c) in order to participate or follow races, d) as a sublease to third parties, e) for purposes which infringe provisions of Greek legislation, f) if the “lessee” or the additional driver of the vehicle are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance which effects the driver’s ability to drive and his/her senses, g) to infringe customs, traffic or other regulations, h) by any third party, excluding the “lessee” and any additional driver, for which the “lessee” has accepted the daily fee charge for additional drivers, i) to transport or transfer heavy luggage, flammables, filthy or malodorous items, drugs, etc., j) for the illegal transport of Greek or alien persons or for the performance of illegal acts.


In the event that the “lessee” wishes the extension of the lease of the Vehicle, he/she is obliged to notify the “lessor” in writing at least 48 hours prior to the end of the lease, in order to receive the respective written approval of the “lessor”. If he/she omits the above, he/she is has civil and criminal liability for the illegal use and possession of the vehicle and he/she is liable to pay a penalty which is equal to three times the daily lease charge. In the event that the term of the lease is extended, the “lessee” is bound by the terms and the agreements in the initial agreement, as well as those in the agreement for the extension of the term of the lease, either if it is for the same vehicle or for the vehicle replacing the initial one.


The “lessee” explicitly agrees that the “lessor” is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages suffered by the “lessee” or any third parties during the term of the lease and no claim can be made against the “lessor” for the above reason.


In the event of an accident or other incident (fire, theft etc.), the “lessee” or the additional driver are obliged to immediately: a) acknowledge responsibility or accountability and third party claims by any means, direct or indirect.
b) take down the full names, telephones and addresses of eye witnesses, the driver’s and the vehicle’s details, with which the Vehicle may have collided with, c) notify the police in order to ascertain the liability of the third party and provide medical care to any existing injured persons, d) to park the vehicle in a safe location and immediately contact the “lessor” via telephone or any other means (fax etc.), e) collect any relevant information from any third party, f) take photos of the place where the accident took place and of the vehicles which participated in the accident if possible. He/she is also obligated within twenty-four (24) hours to complete and sign the accident/theft declaration at the closest branch of the “lessor” and to send any supporting documents or information in respect with the accident to the “lessor”. In the event of theft or loss of the vehicle he/she is obligated to report the incident in writing at the closet police authority, immediately or the latest within twenty-four hours (24).


The “lessee” gives his/her consent for the detailed recording of his/her personal details in a computer. The “lessor” has the right to use the above details, when the “lessee”, during the term of the lease, makes false declarations or infringes the terms of the agreement and to convey the above to the Greek Authorities in the event that there is suspicion that a criminal or other offence has been committed. The “lessor” hereby notifies the “lessee” that the leased Vehicle has been duly and for safety reasons equipped with a geographical indication system, in order for its location to be easily acquired in the event of theft, loss, accident, as well as to protect public interest. The “lessee” states that he/she was informed on and accepts the above and that it does not constitute a violation of his/her private rights nor of his/her personal data protected via the Law.


a) during the term of the lease, the “lessee” and the additional drivers have joint and full liability, b)in the event that a representative signs the present lease on behalf of the “lessee”, they both have joint and full liability, c) the agreement prevails over any prior written or oral agreement between the contracting parties, d)any amendments to the terms herein are invalid if not agreed in writing, e) the ”lessor” has the right to replace the initially leased Vehicle with another similar type of vehicle with the same engine capacity, while the “lessee” agrees and accepts that the above terms are valid in the event that the term of the lease defined in the initial agreement with the “lessor” is extended or/and the initially leased vehicle is replaced with another, f)in the event of differences between the copies and the original present agreement, the original prevails which is in the possession of the “lessor”, g) the contracting parties acknowledge and accept all the terms of the present agreement as being essential and fundamental to the purposes thereof, h) the “lessee” explicitly declares that he/she waives any right to breach, annul and generally contest the present agreement for any reason, substantive or procedural, and cause and as regards the provisions of articles 178,179,388 of the Greek Civil Code, as well as any action or appeal challenging the validity of the present agreement.


The present agreement is governed by Greek legislation and any differences which may arise between the contracting parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, irrespective of the “lessee’s” place of residence.


We require to be advised in writing. Our charges which are not refundable, are as follows: 1-5 days prior arrival :100% of the total reservation is charged. 6-10 days prior arrival : 50% of the total reservation is charged. 11 – 20 days prior arrival payment in advance is not refundable. Non-show policy : 100% of the total reservation is charged. Early departure policy: 100% of the remaining stay is charged.