Terms & Conditions



The lessee declares that he is at least 25 years of age and in possession of a valid drivers licence, issued a minimum of 36 months prior to his signing the present agreement. The lessee guarantees and promises that he himself will be the sole driver of the vehicle rented and that he will at no time drive the said vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substances likely to affect his ability to drive and that he will adhere to the laws in force at all times. Use of the vehicle rented may not be made for the purposes of transporting persons or objects when receiving payment for such transportation nor may the vehicle be sub-let or used for towing purposes of any objects whatsoever.


For all vehicle categories (A, B, C, D, MINI BUS, LUXURY, SUV) the lessee must be in the possession of a valid credit card. The lessor retains the right to request approval to retain the amount of >700,00 Euro against vehicle categories A, B, C, & D and >1.000,00-3.000,00 Euro against categories MINI BUS, LUXURY, SUV.


The agreed rental fee is deposited upon signature of this contract.


The duration of this agreement is determined by the appendix to the said document. It should be noted that where the duration of this agreement is extended beyond the time agreed or over and for a period of one more hour the lessee will be charged for an extra full day’s hire.


The lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor in good condition free from any defects and the lessor receives the vehicle, having examined it, without any reservations. The lessee is obliged to return the rented vehicle in the same good condition as he received it, complete with all accessories, equipment, tyres and accompanying documentation at the place and time agreed. No financial burden is imposed upon the lessee for possible pick up and return of the vehicle at the lessor’s offices. Any violation of the above agreement on the part of the lessee results in the lessee’s obligation to reimburse the lessor with compensation for damages incurred over and above the agreed normal rental fee.


The rental cost includes the following insurance cover: a) Death or physical injury to third parties (with exception of driver). b) Damage to third parties (with exception of the rental vehicle) unless there is other agreement (C.D.W.) between lessor and lessee. c) The rented vehicle is insured against fire, theft and terrorist acts up to the amount determined in the insurance policy. The lessee and third parties are covered for this amount. Baggage and any other items belonging to the lessee, authorized driver or passengers in the rented vehicle are not insured and the lessor bears no responsibility for possible loss, damage etc. thereof.


Should the lessee cause an accident resulting in damage or injury, he undertakes their full responsibility as well as the obligation to pay the entire cost of repairs and restoration for all damage incurred. He is also liable to compensate the lessor for the full time period the damaged rented vehicle is out of circulation and therefore may not be rented out. The lessee is exclusively liable for any damage not covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy. In signing this agreement the lessee declares that he has full knowledge of the insurance policy cover provided and conditions. He also declares that he is aware that he himself is not covered by insurance, should an accident occur when the rented vehicle is not being driven by him. All authorized drivers share equal liability together with the “lessee” during the rental period. The representative shares equal liability in total with those represented. In the case of theft or loss of the rented vehicle during the rental period of the vehicle the lessee is obliged to meet all costs arising from the loss or theft of the vehicle including those arising from possible expenses insured for garaging repossession etc.


In case of damage or accident the lessee is liable for the following: a) To park the vehicle at a safe location and immediately inform the lessor. b) To inform the police. c) To obtain details of possible witnesses. d) Not to recognize the claims of any third parties.


The lessee is liable for all fines incurred by violation of the Highway Code e.g. illegal parking, administrative penalties etc. incurred during the period of the rental agreement. The lessee is obliged to meet all costs immediately concerning the vehicle rental which include the rental, rental tax / duties, all other liabilities (exemption of liability, third party liability, personal insurance, theft cover, the cost of delivery other than from the company’s offices including those expenses determined by means of this agreement and approved by the Greek Tourist Board. Moreover the lessee is obliged to meet any costs for possible damage incurred, delays in return delivery of vehicle, wear and tear to the interior of the vehicle (seat covers) etc. as well as the exterior, tyres and wheel rims. It should be noted that delivery of the vehicle to the client outside the boundaries of the Municipality of Athens is chargeable as provided for by the appendix of this agreement and following agreement by both contracting parties.


Should the lessee wish to extend the rental period he is obliged to do so in writing to the lessor at least 48hrs prior to the expiry of the rental period, so that the necessary approval may be obtained. Should the lessee not comply with the above-mentioned obligation he will be liable for penalties equal to three times the daily rental.


Transportation of the vehicle by ship is permitted following written approval from the lessor. Written approval from the lessor is also required where the lessee wishes to take the rented vehicle outside Greece.


The lessee is liable for all fuel costs, and he is obliged to return the vehicle with the corresponding amount of fuel in it to that which it had upon the day of delivery.


The lessee is liable for the VAT charge of 23% as well as the municipal tax of 2%.


The lessor reserves the right to change the rented vehicle with another of corresponding type and capacity.


Cancellations: We require to be advised in writing. Our charges which are not refundable, are as follows: 1-5 days prior arrival :100% of the total reservation is charged. 6-10 days prior arrival : 50% of the total reservation is charged. 11 – 20 days prior arrival payment in advance is not refundable. Non-show policy : 100% of the total reservation is charged. Early departure policy: 100% of the remaining stay is charged.


Should any conflict arise from the conditions of the present agreement on the part of the contracting parties, the Court of Athens will be deemed the competent authority to deal with such issues, wherever the lessee may be resident, entitling only the lessor to have recourse to other courts.


The conditions of the present agreement may be subject to change without previous notification. The prices quoted in this contract have been approved by the Greek Tourist Board (E.O.T) and the price list has been approved for the rental period of this agreement – it is displayed at a visible point in the lessor’s offices. The second contracting party – the lessee – declared that he has fully comprehended and accepted the conditions of this agreement unreservedly and withdraws from any right to break, cancel or dispute the conditions of the present contract for any reason whatsoever, including those issues contained in articles 178, 179 and 388 of the Civil Code, as well as any law suit or objection concerning the validity of the present agreement.